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The Clock Tower


Welcome to my craft room!
Last weekend I attended a party of the Hungarian Indian Community and enjoyed nice meal, seen great dance performance and was lucky having had some quiet times chatting with a friend. She mentioned how she used to sing and rhyme in English to her children and few lines stayed with me. Being a Hungarian, English rhymes are no childhood memories but they rather have everyday presence because my 7-year-old learns and sings them.
So. I sat on Monday to work.
I feel blessed in those mornings at work when I can devote my full day for designing. I have a waste freedom at work! Do anything. So... I had a box layout ready for long and was wondering how to give it a final touch. The box is tall, had a pyramid closing for its lid and pretty much looking like a building. These days I design more house and building shaped boxes.
And this is when the rhymes started working and the box became a

clock tower

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