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Paper tassel party bunting - DIY


Greetings from my craft room!

Since I got my large format printer, have been printing design papers and can not admire them enough. They carry endless possibilities for craft projects and making decorations.

Today I am sharing the making of


You need:

  • printed decor paper (one or two sided print) square shape
  • scissors
  • paper glue
  • stapler
  • ribbon

How to make:

  1.  cut the decor paper into square. Mine is 5.5x5.8 inch but any square proportion will do. Prepare at least 8-10 pieces or more.
  2. cut the square piece from the bottom to the top into thin slices keeping half an inch uncut on the top. The thinner the slices, the richer the tassel!
  3. roll the cut sheet
  1. fix the end at the top with a drop of paper glue
  2. measure the ribbon
  3. staple the ribbon onto each pennant
  4. hang it and enjoy! :-)

Additional tip:

* make sure, the width of the rolled tassel is a little wider than the staple pin 

* you can make these tassels small and cute so you can use for gift wrapping decoration or make them really laaaaaarge like 12x12 inches and you can use them even for outdoor parties.

* pull gently your scissors along on the outside of the cut slices to curl them

Find my decor papers here:



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